Transcripts for Degree Records Prior to 1992 



All degree records for prior to 1992 are located at Northrop Student Records in Pasadena.  Below are detailed instructions for obtaining these records.  Please read the instructions in their entirety.


*Please note:  This information is provided as a courtesy.  NRAIT has no control over or access to these records or their release.  All follow-ups should be handled as described in ITEM #1, and you should not follow-up until after the time frame specified in item #5.  Please do not contact NRAIT regarding these records.


1.    Requests are to be sent by MAIL only.  It is recommended, although not required, that this information is also faxed to the attention of Robert Hammond at fax #: 310-376-9088 as this may expedite your request.  If you choose to fax the information you MUST also mail the request with the same information and the payment.  The two options listed under item 3 are the only way records and/or information can be provided regarding Northrop University students.  If you have not received your transcript within the time frame indicated in ITEM #5 below you may contact Mr. Hammond via email at  This email address is for follow-up purposes only and is not for submission of requests.  Direct verification is not an option, and Mr. Hammond is NOT reachable by phone.  The 2 options below are your only options for obtaining or verifying records.

2.    Payment must be in a Money Order or Cashier’s Check made out to Northrop Student Records.  Personal checks WILL NOT be accepted and will be returned to you by mail therefore slowing down the process. 

3.      To be included in the request is:   

A.      For requests of copies of transcripts:

I.        Letter with signature (or signed release) and including:

a. Full name at the time of attendance

b. Major

c. Last year of attendance

d. Address to mail the transcript to

II.       $5.00 fee   


B.     For requests of copies of Degrees / Diplomas:

I.        Letter with signature (or signed release) and including:

a. Full name at the time of attendance

b. Major and Degree received

c. Year degree was received

d. Current mailing address

II.       $40.00 fee

III.     This service is NOT available for Northrop Law Degrees   

4.     The address to mail requests to is: 

Northrop Student Records

P.O. Box 60845

Pasadena, CA  91116-6845 

5.    Mail is retrieved from the P.O. Box approximately 3 times per week and then processed (information is on Microfiche) and mailed out.  Therefore a safe estimate of the time it should take for your request to arrive at the address indicated is 2-3 weeks.  This allows time for: postal delivery to the P.O. Box, possibly 1-2 days before request is retrieved from the P.O. Box, processing of the request (approximately 5 days), and postal service to the address provided. 

6.     Some frequent reasons requests take longer include but are not limited to:

A.     Omission of information

B.     Inaccurate information

C.    Wrong method of fee payment, or no fee included

D.    Sending requests to the wrong address