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Northrop Rice Advanced Institute of Technology (NRAIT) History

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Friday, 27 November 2009 18:55

Letter from the President

Welcome to the new Northrop Rice Advanced Institute of Technology (NRAIT) website. We are pleased to present a new avenue for Northrop Institute of Technology (NIT), Northrop University (NU) and Northrop Rice Advanced Institute of Technology (NRAIT) alumni and friends to join together in our NRAIT community.

NRAIT has been quietly preparing for the next step in the evolution of applied education by preparing an online presence for students worldwide.

Our specialty over the past 70 years has been the application and use of advanced technology. While the former NU had other degrees in Law and Management, the beginning of NRAIT dates back to a 1946 decision by John K. Northrop to establish a special training facility. Starting in the San Fernando valley in 1947, the predecessor to NIT began to teach mechanics how to lead others to build aircraft efficiently.

Our goal is to continue that tradition of excellence in application and use of technology in the workplace.

Please take moment to join our alumni and visitors network. You may find a friend from the past, or make a new acquaintance for the future.


J. Micheal Rice


History of Northrop University and Northrop Rice Advanced Institute of Technology

Northrop Rice Advanced Institute of Technology (NRAIT) provides continuing education and training programs for the aviation, engineering, business, and education communities.  NRAIT (pronounced: N rate) offers training and e-learning services worldwide. NRAIT is a subsidiary of Northrop Rice USA (NRUSA), a world-renowned consulting practice and system integrator providing turnkey training solutions for the global aviation industry.

NRAIT has been offering practical educational and training programs for over half a century and its history can be traced back to Northrop Aeronautical Institute founded in 1942 by Dr. John K Northrop (founder of Northrop Aircraft Company) and Dr. James L. McKinley (aviation educator and author of famous aeronautical textbooks). The Rice component of NRAIT can be traced back to Rice Aviation founded in 1971 by Dr. James W. Rice and Mrs. Mary Alice Rice. Highly regarded as innovative aviation educators, Dr. and Mrs. Rice developed and operated the largest system of aircraft maintenance schools in the United States.

NRAIT's capabilities are strengthened by a wealth of experience and knowledge provided by its parent company, NRUSA. With it extensive experience in content aggregation, curriculum development, training aid fabrication, and total training system integration, NRUSA continues to provide NRAIT with unparalleled expertise and support. As a truly global company, NRUSA has also developed and operated technical schools overseas. One of NRUSA's most recent international projects is a multi-million dollar contract with the government of Malaysia to establish and support the Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (MIAT).

NRAIT is a rather unique education and training company. The institute caters its programs to the continuing education and training needs of aviation industry professionals. The majority of NRAIT students are sponsored by their employers. As a provider of continuing education and training programs for the corporate community,

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